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Business computing is the study and application of computer technology to a commercial setting. It combines aspects of computer science with subjects such as accounting marketing, information systems and business strategy in order to allow individuals to use computer technologies to achieve organisational solutions.

Companies need people who can develop robust, reliable, and user-friendly systems to drive organisational solutions in a world where computers are increasingly utilized for information delivery and analysis of data. Our BSc Business Computing degree will equip you with expertise and skills you need to succeed in a fast-paced industry. Guest lecturers from businesses will share their experience with you.

You will also develop the additional skills employers are looking for in IT professionals. These include leadership, teamwork management of projects, as well as problem-solving. The degree will give you an excellent foundation in software development, programming websites, web design, and information systems. You can also decide to focus on data analytics advanced computer science or marketing.

The course will equip you with an understanding of the Windows environment and the use of Windows application software including word processing with Word 2002 for Windows, spreadsheets and database management systems and presentation graphics software and the Internet. In addition, it will teach you about security issues for computers and e-commerce issues.

The majority of the time, seminars and lectures are used to teach, with many courses that incorporate computer-based lab exercises. You’ll also be expected to do independent research and study, both at home and at the university.


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