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Board directors play an essential role in the growth of your company. They are able to provide feedback, assistance or even make decisions that will guide your business. It’s therefore important to have productive board meetings. But how do you accomplish this?

Begin with the Most Important Items

The majority of your board’s meeting needs to be focused on discussing how to implement the strategies of your company. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce concrete KPI goals that can be measured and tracked. Examples include net promoter scores and sales per region. This helps ensure that your americanboardroom.com/what-is-board-management-software board is in sync with the rest of the organization and works as a unit towards the same goals.

Don’t Get Lost

Distracted by the new topics of discussion during the board meeting, board members may easily lose track of the most important agenda items. The chair should instead begin the meeting with a brief summary of the most important inputs sought during the meeting. This should include reiterating the key points from the prior meeting call as well as the board package.

Also, if a new subject arises that isn’t an immediate priority, consider pushing it to the end of the agenda and scheduling it following breaks. This will prevent it from being ignored and will make it clear that the board is actively open to new ideas and perspectives.

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