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Une même expérience pour toutes vos envies

Vietnam’s M&A industry is flourishing regardless of the current economic problems. Vietnam’s lower costs for labor that are half the cost of China’s, and its robust infrastructure have drawn global giants such as Samsung, Nike, and Adidas to the country as manufacturing hubs. Additionally, Vietnam’s geographic position makes it an ideal supply chain hub for companies with international reach.

While a successful deal depends on a range of factors such as due diligence and digital transformation, it’s crucial to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access. VDR technology is the ideal tool for this purpose because it offers the security of sharing confidential documents. In addition, VDRs provide file-level security that is more efficient than the encryption features of cloud storage, e-mail or other options.

The ability to revoke access to files is yet another important feature of VDR software. As a result, users are able to rest assured that their data will remain secure from hacking attempts, theft or misuse by competitors. Some VDR providers offer an authentication process that is two steps long and stops users who aren’t authorized from accessing the platform.

Given the country’s increasing focus on technology, it is imperative to find a reliable vendor who understands your business and can accommodate your unique needs. It is also important to become familiar with Vietnamese employment laws and speak with tax professionals regarding potential indirect taxes or double-taxation agreements. Additionally, a thorough understanding of Vietnamese culture is essential to ensure the smoothness of outsourcing. It is important to respect the roles and positions since the Vietnamese place a large importance on the importance of hierarchy.

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