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A board room is an area where a group holds gatherings, usually ones that are voted by shareholders to administer a company. It can also be a room where people gather to discuss important business decisions, such as choosing a new CEO or creating an office. A boardroom can also be a virtual conference room in which groups can meet online. Virtual meetings offer a variety of benefits, including enhanced governance, increased attendance, less travel expenses and increased board member diversity.

The term”boardroom” is used to refer to a sports media outlet founded by NBA star Kevin Durant. The network, which is dubbed the Boardroom, features sports and culture conversations with celebrities and athletes. It is in partnership with NBCSN and also features the original show The Boardroom with Durant and Rich Kleiman.

Often times when a candidate is removed from the contest, there will be an emergency Boardroom meeting to discuss their actions. This typically happens when a candidate violates the rules or behaves in a manner that causes other candidates to be uncomfortable. For example in season 10 there was an emergency Boardroom meeting was held following candidate Anand sent texts to his friends asking them to buy him pedicab rides, which violated the rules of the show.

The Boardroom is located on a studio site, and large mirrors hang from the walls. The seats for candidates are on one side of the table, and the chairs for advisers on the other. The chair of the boss is larger than all other chairs to emphasize his or her supreme power.

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