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8 Benefits of Implementing RPA in Banking and Financial Industry

In order to assess or understand these problems and to find some valuable suggestions to the rural banks in these particular aspects thissurvey wa… Account closure is usually initiated by customers, but banks also do that if they don’t get

Image Recognition with Machine Learning: how and why?

It allows us to extract as much information as we want from a picture and has the ability to be applied to multiple areas of businesses. Discover how training data can make or break your AI projects, and how to

Machine learning Icons & Symbols

The model predicts the risk of death, which is the ultimate impairment in insurance. A key problem that many insurance companies are struggling with is how to make accurate pricing decisions. Given that insurance is sold by quoting a policy,

What is Intelligent Automation?

In the case of such an exception, unattended RPA would usually hand the process to a human operator. By enabling the software bot to handle this common manual task, the accounting team can spend more time analyzing vendor payments and

What Is Image Recognition and How Does It Work?

As we said above, at the moment, when deciding how to build a face recognition system, it is worth focusing on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). In this area, there are already well-proven approaches to creating architecture. In this context, we